About Thrive Pet Care

Hello, my name is Cheryl! I have more than five years experience in dog walking, and pet sitting. If it wasn’t for Thrive, I would be the crazy lady with too many pets at my house.

Thankfully, walking other people’s dogs keeps me busy, and I am so grateful for each one of my furry friends I have met along the way. Spending time with dogs is at the top of my list of favorite things to do!

I have always had a passion for being around animals, especially, dogs! It’s a combination of the unconditional love dogs give to us, along with their cuteness, beauty, strength, diversity, peacefulness, personality, loyalty, innocence and joy. When I meet dogs I most often feel an instant friendship and closeness. I usually just can’t wait to give them a big hug! Of course, some dogs require more time to warm up than others and I give them their space and necessary time…along with plenty of exercise, praise and love.

I love where we live and love spending time outdoors, especially with a furry pal or two, or three, or four…When I don’t have my dog walker/nanny hat on, I can often be found snuggling with my little dog, Tally.  I also have a passion for photography, swimming, sunsets at the beach and spending time with family and friends.


Hello, my name is Annie. I’m the girl who slept with the AKC book under her pillow every night.  I wanted to have every one.

This is how my devotion w/animals evolved and it extended to horses, and all farm animals,  thus the books increased as did the animals.

My family never had less than 4 dogs,  and, since I was blessed to be raised on a farm,  there was a myriad of animals and livestock nurtured by us.

Not much changed over the years,  except moving to SC last year, and after studying all the dog walkers in town,  I found Thrive Pet Care to be the most caring and, gratefully, Cheryl invited me to join her Team.


Kira was born in the year of the dog, and maybe that’s why she understands their needs so well. Ever since she was a child, she wanted a dog. But living on the ninth floor in a city made that impossible. It wasn’t until Kira finished high school that her parents got their first dog named Josh. Though Kira started college and moved out on her own, she returned home every night at 6 PM to walk Josh. And it’s this kind of loyalty that keeps her walking dogs today.

At Thrive, being with different dogs helps Kira fulfill a childhood longing for dog companionship. When away from Thrive, Kira works as a graphic designer. She is a swimmer, a dancer, a beach comber and a mother to two wonderful kids. She has two cats whom she walks on leashes daily to ensure they don’t get eaten by mountain lions.

20151223_164927Hello, my name is Mary.  I have been surrounded by animals my entire life. I grew up out in the country in North Carolina surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, birds, hamsters and even some pet mice. It just made sense for me to create a career working with animals.  I am a 2005 graduate of a Veterinary Medical Technology program and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in North Carolina that same year. I began my career in specialty medicine and entered general practice so I could have more time with my sister and my growing nieces.

After moving here 2 years ago, I was able to get back into specialty medicine and, today, continue to work in an ICU at an emergency practice in Santa Cruz.  My husband and I live in the San Lorenzo Valley and have a full household, all rescues. Sally, a pointer mix and Simon, a true Heinz 57, have been with me since I first started school. Rose and Olive, our chihuahua mixes, were unexpected additions to our household a little over a year ago. They have brought so much life to our home. Someah is our last cat standing. He came to me my first year out of school.
I enjoy my studies of Chinese Medicine, gardening and exploring this beautiful area that I find myself living in.