About Thrive Pet Care


Thrive Pet Care Services was started by Cheryl Welch (left) in 2014. She started the business because otherwise she would be the crazy lady with too many pets at her house. The business quickly grew, and some weeks Cheryl found herself walking as many as 40 miles.

To spread the abundance, Cheryl asked her friend Kira Ruvo if she wants to help. And a perfect partnership was formed three years ago. Kira and Cheryl could accommodate more clients working together, and it’s always a joy to be outdoors with a furry pal or two, or three or four…

As of September, 2021, Cheryl moved out of the area. Kira has taken over the business, and continues to provide the same service with a smile. Few things in life are as wonderful as the appreciation the dogs give after a good walk, or the snuggles of a cat after some playtime.

A little background about Kira is that she was born in the year of the dog, and maybe that’s why she understands their needs so well. Ever since she was a child, she wanted a dog. But living on the ninth floor in a city made that impossible. It wasn’t until Kira finished high school that her parents got their first dog named Josh. Though Kira started college and moved out on her own, she returned home every night at 6 PM to walk Josh. And it’s this kind of loyalty that keeps her visiting your pets today.

At Thrive, being with different dogs helps Kira fulfill a childhood longing for dog companionship. When away from Thrive, Kira works as a graphic designer. She is a swimmer, a dancer, a beach comber and a mother to two amazing kids. She has been known to walk her cats on a leash daily to ensure they don’t get eaten by mountain lions.